Primary Instructor

Social and Political Philosophy (Columbia University) Spring 2019. Syllabus

Teaching Assistant

History of Philosophy II: Aquinas to Kant (Kyle Driggers) Spring 2019

Methods and Problems (Akeel Bilgrami): Fall 2018

Ethics (Michele Moody-Adams): Spring 2017

Philosophy and Feminism (Christia Mercer): Fall 2017

Introduction to Philosophy (David Friedell): Spring 2017, Fall 2016


Guest Lectures

"Richard Wright’s Native Son and Varieties of Consciousness under Oppression” for Philosophy through Black Literature (Spring 2019)

“Anne Conway on the Infinite,” for History of Philosophy II (Spring 2019)

Hermeneutical Injustice” for Philosophy and Feminism (Fall 2017)

“Grice’s ‘Logic and Conversation,” for Philosophy of Language (Spring 2017)

“Moore’s Proof of an External World” for Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2017)

“Cartesian Skepticism” for Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2016)